Finding top-notch talent in the construction industry is an on-going process. As skilled laborers move into management positions or retire, finding the next generation of construction talent can be challenging. Thankfully, there is an amazing workforce development program in Baltimore that is attracting a lot of attention, including that of Jo Ellen Sines, vice president of construction for M Luis Construction, Co., Inc.

“I heard the President of BGE [in March 2020] talking about their training program and how they would like to partner with their contractors to try and place some of their folks. BGE takes folks from Baltimore City that are either unemployed or underemployed and puts them through a training program that BGE developed to prepare them to be successful employees. I understand it is quite a competition to get into the program as they get lots of applications,” Sines said.

This is M Luis’ first experience with the program, which is produced by BGE in partnership with Civic Works. Our engineers along with Director of Human Resources Andrea Imhoff created a compelling presentation about the various opportunities within M Luis and met virtually with the latest cohort on Feb. 22, 2021. Follow-up interviews were also held, which led to invitations to formally apply to the company to several candidates.

As M Luis prepares for the opening of construction season in March, hiring is very much a priority.  “With any luck, maybe we will land the next best M Luis employee,” said Sines.

About BGE Workforce Collaborative

“Civic Works recruits and screens participants and administers the program. BGE serves as the conduit between its network of gas and electric contractors and Civic Works, funds the program, and ensures graduates meet the standards necessary to work on its system.” Connecting Job Seekers with Opportunities in Energy, 9/30/2019

About M Luis Construction

M Luis is a woman and minority-owned, multi-generational Asphalt Manufacturer and Construction Services company. Established in 1985, M Luis is a regionally recognized hot-mix asphalt manufacturer, and asphalt and concrete construction services company. We employ a dynamic and diverse team of educated professionals, engineers and construction specialists who are focused and determined to provide exceptional service and the highest quality products in the marketplace. Learn more online at M Luis Construction.