M Luis Products 

Quality Supply from Two Accessible Locations to Fit Customer Schedules

M Luis Products operates two asphalt plants and two recycling plants, serving the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area from central locations in and around Rockville and Glen Burnie. The plants provide high-quality asphalt, aggregates, recycled materials, sand, and liquid asphalt. All of our materials are 100-percent MBE and WBE certified. 

Under the expert leadership of plant managers, M Luis Products meets your needs 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. M Luis does this, always exceeding stringent customer and industry standards. 

M Luis Products is a multi-generational MBE and WBE asphalt manufacturer. Staffed by certified QC/QA lab personnel and experienced asphalt mix design specialists, they provide superior mixes at competitive prices in two easily accessible locations. With streamlined logistics, both plants also offer quick turnaround for trucks and advance planning when customers call ahead.

M Luis Products  Provides:

A leading provider in the region, M Luis Products provides:

  • Asphalt (private-, county-, state-, port-, FAA-approved) Mixes
  • Bulk Tack Coat
  • Aggregates, Sand, RAP & Millings
  • High-performance, Eco-friendly Cold Mix
  • Unmatched Driveway Mix
  • Crushing & Screening Operations
  • Trucking Services