Quality Control

M Luis Products can provide field-compaction testing services upon request for private and civic jobs.

Built-in testing means you meet your specifications and save time.

Our Maryland State Highway Administration-certified mix design lab assures paving contractors, as well as federal, state and county agencies, that they are getting quality products. With a higher standard of accuracy, consistency of testing procedures, and attention to specification requirements, customers feel confident that our lab delivers the best products. M Luis tests primarily under the specifications of American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and Maryland Standard Method of Test (MSMT), and our lab is inspected and approved bi-annually by state agencies. M Luis Products can provide HMA field-compaction testing services, aggregate and materials testing, and pavement core services upon request for private and civic jobs.

Materials Testing Services

Materials Testing

All of our asphalt products are designed, tested, and evaluated for quality and consistency on a daily basis. Rigourous daily testing is performed on every mix that leaves the plant.

Field Compaction Testing

Along with the daily testing of plant production in the lab, M Luis Field Technicians are Mid-Atlantic Region Technician Certified to test for proper placement, compaction and in-place density of materials on the job.

asphalt core sampling

Core Sampling

M Luis Products can provide core sampling and field-compaction testing and sampling services upon request for private and civic jobs.